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Beacon Software’s Dispatch Anywhere Fleet Management Software is the ideal system for managing the modern professional roadside assistance or lockout service company. The days of using pencil and paper for these industries is a thing of the past. Enterprise fleet management software is on the way out. The new trend is ASP fleet management software and it’s taking off throughout the towing, lockout and roadside service industries.
The advantages of Beacon’s ASP Dispatch Anywhere fleet management software is that it relieve road service companies from the burden and expense of learning and maintaining a computer network. When using Beacon’s Dispatch Anywhere fleet management system all you need is an Internet connection and a PC to run even the most complex road service operation from anywhere in the world.
Another advantage of Dispatch Anywhere is that it allows the user to customize the call taking and dispatching screens to fit the road service industry. This allows the software to adapt to road service industry instead of the road service industry adapting to the software.
You can receive calls over the phone like traditional dispatching software, but Beacon’s Dispatch Anywhere also adds the ability to electronically receive calls through the Internet (digital dispatch) from a motor club, regular account customer or from your road service company’s web site. This is done through a small application that is part of the full road service management software called TowMagic. TowMagic receives the call from your motor club or customer and inserts it into Dispatch Anywhere’s dispatch screen. This is all done without the call taker needing to type in any information.
Dispatching road service vehicles is done quickly with Dispatch Anywhere fleet management software, relieving stress on office personnel and eliminating drivers’ standby time while waiting for dispatchers to dictate calls and directions over the radio. The two-way paging with its auto finishing feature keeps your road service vehicles constantly moving, allowing for more calls to be completed by each service vehicle in a single shift.
Problems that occur in every day road service operations, such as finding and verifying addresses or quoting mileage prices are solved with Dispatch Anywhere. The included mapping system TowMap ( verifies addresses and calculates en Route mileage, then pulls the prices for these services from that customers pricing template and ensuring the right price every time.
Beacon Software’s fleet management software (Dispatch Anywhere) has exclusive features, such as TowSpec, that provide road service instructions for all light cars and trucks.
Driver checkout is fast and easy with the Dispatch Anywhere fleet management software. Simply select a driver and date range and the software gives all service calls for that driver’s shift. It even automatically calculates a driver’s commissions no matter how unique your commission scenario.
Dispatch Anywhere has a complete Accounts Receivable module built right in. There is no need to export every call to Quickbooks or another accounting system to do your billing. The fleet management software keeps track of everything for you. It even has the ability to alert a call taker if a particular customer is over their credit limit. This is very important so you can stop extending credit to “deadbeats” Dispatch Anywhere can even fax/email an invoice or statement by simply right-clicking on a customer’s account./call.
The robust and customizable reporting included in the Dispatch Anywhere fleet management software allows the professional service company to fine tune procedures for efficiency and profitability with a wide variety of dispatch, accounting and performance reports
We have only mentioned a few of the many, many features included in the most comprehensive fleet management software ever created.
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