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Beacon Software’s Dispatch Anywhere is the most advanced and comprehensive towing software ever developed. It is the ideal towing software for managing the modern professional towing company. It also is the only true ASP towing management software on the market today, which gives the performance of a local enterprise towing software, but the reliability and accessibility of an ASP.
No longer does the professional tow operator need to have expensive networks and pay professional administrators to maintain their local towing management system. With Beacon Software’s Dispatch Anywhere towing software, a wrecker operator needs only a PC and Internet connection to access his towing software from anywhere in the world.
Dispatch Anywhere is towing management software or towing dispatch software that covers the full spectrum from call taking through dispatch to accounts receivables.
Call taking is fast and easy with this towing software. It all starts with the incoming call, which can come from 2 sources: The first is from a person calling the towing company on the phone. In this case, the call taker simply types the information directly into the call taking screen. This is done quickly and easily because of Dispatch Anywhere’s extensive use of automation. There is actually very little typing necessary. The towing software even insures that ALL the required information for a particular is given before a call can be saved.
The second method of receiving calls is through electronic (digital) dispatch from a road club, regular account customer or from your towing company’s web site. This is done through a small application that is part of the full tow management software called TowMagic. TowMagic receives the call from your motor club or customer and inserts it into the Dispatch Anywhere tow management system. This is all done without the call taker needing to type in any information.
Dispatch Anywhere is fleet management software designed to keep your tow trucks moving, so your drivers are not standing by waiting for the radio to clear to get the next call. After the dispatcher assigns the call to the wrecker operator, the software takes over and does the rest automatically. The driver time stamps, sends information back, such as vin numbers and ticket numbers to the towing management software and finishes his tow calls remotely from a two way paging device.
Problems that occur in every day towing operations, such as finding and verifying addresses or quoting mileage prices are solved with Dispatch Anywhere towing software. The included mapping system TowMap ( verifies addresses and calculates unloaded and loaded miles then pulls the prices for these services from that customers pricing template insuring the right price every time.
Beacon Software’s professional towing management software (Dispatch Anywhere) has exclusive features, such as TowSpec, that provide towing instructions for all light cars and trucks.
Tow truck driver checkout is fast and easy with the Dispatch Anywhere towing management software. Simply select a driver and date range and the towing software gives all calls for that driver’s shift. It even automatically calculates a driver’s commissions no matter how unique your commission scenario.
Dispatch Anywhere has complete Accounts Receivable module built right in. There is no need to export every call to Quickbooks or another accounting system to do your billing. The towing software keeps track of everything for you. It even has the ability to alert a call taker if a particular customer is over their credit limit. This is very important so you can stop extending credit to “deadbeats” Dispatch Anywhere can even fax/email an invoice or statement by simply right-clicking on a customer’s account./call.
The robust and customizable reporting included in the Dispatch Anywhere fleet management software allows the professional towing companies to fine tune procedures for efficiency and profitability with a wide variety of dispatch, accounting and performance reports.
We have only mentioned a few of the many, many features included in the most comprehensive towing software every created.
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